We are heavy coffee drinkers and the teeth stain, caused by coffee was always a big issue for us. We were looking for a natural, refreshing coffee drink with few calories which would not affect the color of our teeth. The lack of this product made us to start working on this problem and after three months of research, we created the first colorless coffee.


We spent the following 12 months on getting greater knowledge about the coffee itself. It became obvious for us that only high quality and fresh roasted coffee beans can provide the expected results. Our blend is made by Arabica varieties only. We developed a new coffee processing method which allowed us to create this refreshing ready to drink coffee. Because of this special approach, our product has an unique taste and aroma. To achieve the transparency, we do not use chemicals. The caffeine level is similar to a double espresso or French press. Clear Coffee is a drink which is low in calories and doesn’t contain any preservatives, stabilizers, added aromas, sugar or sweeteners.